(Auto) Focusing System

You have three ways to set up the focus of your camera.

  • by tweaking the focus plane manually
  • by using a scene locator attached to the camera
  • by using image coordinates for autofocusing

– When using just the focus plane input manually the distance where you wanna your camera to be focused.

– If you want to use a 3D scene locator instead, – do the following simple steps.

From Create, add a Locator to your scene. Then from Windows->GeneralEditors open up the Connection Editor. From the Left side load the Locator (by selecting the Locator and clicking Reload Left in the ConnectionEditor), then open the Hypershade and select your Rombo.Camera shader and click the ReloadRight. Finally link the ‘center’ left parameter to the dof->focuslocator right parameter. Done.



– Using the image coordinates instead is a sort of multi-point autofocus.

You just specify the XY pixel location on your image plane and the area of interest.


Here for example we’re focusing at the center of our 800×600 image. The last entry ‘4’ you see means that Rombo will average the distances he finds by shooting rays in a 4×4 square. It means it will shoot 16rays and return the average distance.

Eventually as the Rombo.Camera in ThickLens mode is ‘breathing’ you’ll have to help Rombo a bit by tweaking the focus Plane(Add) and Add or Remove a bit of distance for a perfect focus. That also means the Plane(Add) value is always added at the end even if you’re using the autofocus or the 3D locator.


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