IBL Sampling

Finalgathering settings are: accuracy:256, density:2, inter:20, bounces:2; rendertime: 2.33mins

Following Rombo.Skylight sampling test.

While tweaking the  ‘Samples’ parameter in the domelight rollout we’re trying to reduce visible noise and splotches and improve the quality of the lighting solution. The lower the samples, the more the noise. The higher the number of samples, the finer the IBL quality for increased render times. Adaptive construction is set to: Fine.

Here we go from a starting 16samples to eventually 256samples. That means from a grainy solution to a finer one. However thanks to our smart sampler render times are not exponential and a perfect solution grain-free can be rendered in less than 5mins (fg time included) at HD resolution. Render times are respectively: 0.32m, 0.47m, 1.07m, 2.02m, 2.57m.


Natural lighting with the Rombo IBL shader (click the image for HD res).


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