Sun&Sky Simulation

Rombo.Skylight is able to adaptively construct a light structure from the Sun&Sky Rombo.Environment shader attached to the mental ray camera. Here the multi-threaded construction takes around 2secs to complete (reported in mental ray progress verbosity). Construction is set to ‘Fine’ while sampling to 128.

Sun&Sky parameters are set to default values. Time of the day is respectively 7am, 9am, 12pm, 19pm.

ibl_07pmxibl_09pm ibl_12pm ibl_19pm

A look from the top shows how generated shadows are well detailed without artifacts. Look also how shadows get automagically fuzzier while approaching sunset. Rombo.Skylight can simulate full daylight animations without user intervention. All images take less than 5mins to render in HD (fg settings are: accuracy:64, interp:20, bounces:2).

ibl_17pm ibl_18pm ibl_19pm_top

Click the image for HD resolution.



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