Color Shaders

A shaders pack to work with colors.

– color_balance

tweak the highlights, midtones and shadows for each of the three
RGB channels. it acts generally like the ‘levels’ adjustment in photoshop.
there’s also a preserve luminance function.

– color_correction

standard gamma, gain and bias functions along with hue, saturation and level.
here also tweak range options to expand the dynamic range of the input.

– color_compose

combine your full RGBA color starting from HSV, CYM, RGB.. with a common
slot for the alpha channel.

– color_keyer

key a color range and output a defined color if in that range or outside.

– color_picker

pick up HSVA and HLSA channels. for the RGBA also the scalar average
and the minimum or the maximum value for the three channels.

– color_smoothranges

key a color range and smooth it based on a scalar input. useful for
colorize bw inputs or ie luminance channel.

– color_math

add subtract multiply and divide along with exponent bias gain and log
functions. there’s also an optional clamp function where specify the min
and max values for the rangs.

– color_conversions

perform advanced conversions to and from vectors and scalars.. let you choose
what channel to put in the conversion and what basic operation to do before
output. the defaults will work as standard conversion shaders.
the scalar conversion implement the average and the luminance methods
along with the build in mentalray mi_luminance function.

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