Color Shaders

A shaders pack to work with colors. – – color_balance tweak the highlights, midtones and shadows for each of the three RGB channels. it acts generally like the ‘levels’ adjustment in photoshop. there’s also a preserve luminance function. – color_correction standard gamma, gain and bias functions along with hue, saturation and level. here also tweak range[…]

Improved Gabor Noise

‘Gabor noise has several interesting properties: it is procedural, it offers significant spectral control, it supports anisotropy, it can be mapped onto surfaces without using a parametrization, it can be filtered, and it is interactive. This combination of properties is not found in existing noise functions’. And most important it is numerically more stable than[…]

Bump and Color mixers

Bump and color combiners have been re-done from scratch with full SSE support and have been optimized at processor level to practically have zero impact on rendering times. Very simple and powerfull helping shaders. Color_Mix2 is a fully color correction node with all Photoshop blending modes and much more included support for alpha channel. Bump_Mix8 instead[…]