Sky Color Jittering

If you simply google for ‘sky banding’ you’ll find a lot of photographs that exhibit ‘color banding’ over the sky gradient. It’s not an inherent problem of rombo.skylight nor necessarily a problem related to the sky but just something that can be seen on any smooth gradient. If there ain’t enough bits to fully represent[…]

Sun&Sky Simulation

Rombo.Skylight is able to adaptively construct a light structure from the Sun&Sky Rombo.Environment shader attached to the mental ray camera. Here the multi-threaded construction takes around 2secs to complete (reported in mental ray progress verbosity). Construction is set to ‘Fine’ while sampling to 128. Sun&Sky parameters are set to default values. Time of the day is respectively[…]

IBL Sampling

Finalgathering settings are: accuracy:256, density:2, inter:20, bounces:2; rendertime: 2.33mins Following Rombo.Skylight sampling test. While tweaking the  ‘Samples’ parameter in the domelight rollout we’re trying to reduce visible noise and splotches and improve the quality of the lighting solution. The lower the samples, the more the noise. The higher the number of samples, the finer the IBL quality[…]