RomboMR Demo

Get Started for Free

(Arnold version coming soon)

Download a free demo version to evaluate if are your cup of tea. The Demo version allows you to :

  • Explore all the features and functions of the commercial version
  • Fully work out your materials as you can easily transition to the full version by replacing the demo library
  • Get access to fully free Rombo.shaders utilities like rombo.colors, rombo.noises etc
  • Get access to a dozen (and counting) scenes for easy learning
  • Get a website membership

Please note that the demo version has a few necessary restrictions :

  • Render output is locked to 540HD resolution (actually any width/height that multiplied give less than 1/2M pixels) **
  • Only Windows 64bits library is available to download and test
  • Latest beta features will not be present in the demo but only available in the full library
  • Rombo.Contents cannot be used in commercial projects and should not be sold or given to someone else

**This only applies to Rombo.Materials, Camera and Domelight, – Rombo.Shaders utilities are fully free with no restrictions

The demo version is completely free. No credit card or Paypal informations are required. Please fill out the form with your data and then simply click for the regular Paypal checkout (0€) and you’ll get re-directed to the download page instead. You’ll then receive an email containing links to the Rombo.Contents etc.