RtoA – Materials


This is RomboToArnold materials and shading nodes package.

As of V.1, it contains 25 plugins, namely :

  • romboDiffuseSmooth
  • romboDiffusePrincipled
  • romboDiffuseInterfaced
  • romboDiffuseGeneralized
  • romboDiffuseRough
  • romboSSSDiffusion
  • romboSSSDipole
  • romboSSSRandomWalk
  • romboSSSRefract
  • romboSkinLayers
  • romboReflectDiffraction
  • romboReflectAdaptive
  • romboReflectHazy
  • romboReflectGeneralized
  • romboReflectMultiScatter
  • romboReflectGlints
  • romboReflectFlakes
  • romboRefract
  • romboTransparency
  • romboFabricWoven
  • romboMetallicPaint
  • romboVolumeSimple
  • romboColorToClosure
  • romboMix2Closures
  • romboMix2Colors

Offer is comprehensive of :

  • full support for up to one single machine
  • Arnold 7 and Arnold 6 support
  • Linux and Windows plugin versions
  • Maya, Cinema4D, Houdini, Katana and 3dsmax support; see install pages
  • two dozens of scenes and counting; see contents on the homepage
  • updates (fixes, new features nodes and scenes) up to V.2
  • private forums for help, questions and features request.

Because Arnold doesn’t support custom written shaders on the GPU yet, rombo tools are currently CPU only. 

After checkout you’ll have instant access to your personal download page where you’ll find links to the rtoa software and related contents links (when available at some point, it is also where you’ll find the latest updates). You’ll get also an automatic website membership to access support forums.

If you need rombo tools running on more than one machine, input below the number of licenses you want to buy.