Alfa Stradale 1967

AlfaRomeo Stradale 1967 model by wirewheelsclub. AVAILABLE FOR : MAYA, HOUDINI, C4D Here we’re using rombo MetallicPaint for the car body with a coating normalmap and a ReflectDiffraction node for all the metals.. namely chrome, aluminum and wheels brass with its default one-click (physicallly) measured appearances. Many other views are available and you’ll find a[…]

Porsche 911 – 1975

Model and textures by Karol Miklas. AVAILABLE FOR : MAYA, HOUDINI, C4D This scene demos rombo BRDF-based MetallicPaint material and many other shading nodes to approach the original PBR workflow all with rombo tools. All materials and geometry have proper names and are organized for easy inspection and rendering. Various camera views are supplied and[…]

Cyborg Police

Model and textures by Nika Zautashvili. AVAILABLE FOR : C4D This scene shows how the usual PBR workflow can be easily approached with rombo materials where on top of that we use extra features like ‘reflection slope’ for improved realism. Reflection slope allows to have a generalized specular distribution (how highlights apppear) where we are[…]

The Feathers and the Rifle

Model and textures by Antipov Artem. AVAILABLE FOR : MAYA, C4D Standard PBR workflow with rombo tools shading nodes. See this for documentation : Metalness & Specular Workflows

Xeno Hunter

Model and textures by Dimitar Grozev AVAILABLE FOR : MAYA/3DSMAX Showcasing SSS (random walk) with bump support. Documentation is here : SubsurfaceScattering

Glinty Watch

AVAILABLE FOR : MAYA This is a test with Arnold adaptive sampler to show how our Glints are fully deterministic (while still being in a regime of randomness) in the sense that they are not seen as variance and effectively never converge to unrealistic super smooth highlights. Just compare how smooth is the ring flat[…]

The Princess and the Pea

Bed model by zeelproject. AVAILABLE FOR : MAYA Here we’re using RomboFabricWoven for all the fabrics. Some use the built-ins WIF patterns and some others use on top their own bitmaps. Due to the ad-hoc specular and fiber scattering models we can easily render both shiny fabrics like the duvet cover and other more rough[…]

Childhood’s Little Secrets

Books model and textures by riemaeker, voice recorder model and textures by re1monsen. AVAILABLE FOR : HOUDINI This uses various rombo materials like SSSRandomWalk for the plants, DiffuseRough for the old books and ReflectGeneralized for the voice recorder where we used PBR textures like metalness roughness etc. Demo scenes are well organized with various camera[…]

Boots of Spanish Leather

Boots model and textures by inciprocal. AVAILABLE FOR : HOUDINI This uses ReflectFlakes for boots reflections. We call them ‘flakes’ but technically these are BRDF-based multiscale discrete reflections. For this very scene we’re more interested in the ‘discrete’ thing which goes against the ‘continuous’ or ‘smooth’ appearance of a general reflection lobe. Discrete here means[…]


AVAILABLE FOR : HOUDINI With ReflectGlints we can fully approach ‘micro-brushing’ .. which is what actually makes a surface rough. We generally use statistical BRDF models to have rough reflections but those are intended to be used for far away views where what is rough actually is presented as smooth .. the problem is that[…]

Magnum Rhino Gun

Gun model and textures by doomsentinel. AVAILABLE FOR : HOUDINI, C4D Here we’re using ReflectMultiscatter for the guns and BRDF-based flakes (ReflectGlints) for the bullets where we enabled ‘wave optics’ that brings subtle colorful spectral effects to the material. Being a full BRDF it also means we can break-up our specular highlights without introducing flickering.[…]

Makarov Gun

Model and textures by Bexxie. AVAILABLE FOR : HOUDINI, C4D Here we use a ReflectGeneralized node with a very low reflection slope to extend the reflection tail and give reflections a bit of hazing together with analytical microfacet-based normal mapping to let details come to life.. we still use our usual normal and bump maps,[…]