Update v1.4

Update v1.4 is fully dedicated to random walk subsurface scattering. We added many new features with an overall speedup and a dedicated workflow for indirect rays. Briefly :  Rayleigh scattering Mie Scattering Similarity theory Albedo remapping Diffuse contrast Indirect sampling Continuation rays Overall speedup Added new demo scenes to test updated features and subsurface scattering.[…]

Update v1.3

With v1.3 update, we’ve refined rombo reflection shaders : added a new bump mode to romboReflectGeneralized we called ‘Symmetrical’ previous ‘Analitycal’ bump mode has been renamed ‘Tangent’ added a new param ‘Rough IOR’ to romboReflectGeneralized fixed some rare NANs with romboReflect shaders sped up some internal computations Added a new utility node, romboWIFLoader. Added romboTonemapper,[…]

Update v1.2

With v1.2 update, we are introducing a first batch of exciting new utility shaders :  romboTileBlender romboTriplanarMapper romboTextureBlurrer romboThickness All with a single point update ! 😉 These new utilities are under Texture/Utilities folders in your DCC apz of choice. Minor updates for C4D shader structure: romboTransparency is now in the Refract folder (was before in[…]

Update v1.1

With latest v1.1 update, we added : a full new shading node, romboReflectRetro full PBR support to the Glints node custom map support for the Glints node automatic fix for bad inverted normals for SSS-RW a new multiple scattering mode to ReflectMultiScatter a re-work of some internal code to be overally faster a new batch[…]