Boots of Spanish Leather

Boots model and textures by inciprocal.


This uses ReflectFlakes for boots reflections. We call them ‘flakes’ but technically these are BRDF-based multiscale discrete reflections. For this very scene we’re more interested in the ‘discrete’ thing which goes against the ‘continuous’ or ‘smooth’ appearance of a general reflection lobe. Discrete here means that reflections are broken as in reality and not just ideally super smooth as generally in computer graphics. This gives an instant boost in realism.

Below for example model and textures are already starting to fall apart (too high resolution) but as you can see that’s not the case for the speculars where you can start seeing their broken nature (please right click and then ‘open image in new tab’ if you see some horrible compression grid artifacts).

On a close-up we can see that speculars are way more detailed than the normal and roughness maps they belongs to. They automagically converge to a smooth reflection when seen at distance (again, please right click and then ‘open image in new tab’ if you see horrible compression grid artifacts).