Magnum Rhino Gun

Gun model and textures by doomsentinel.


Here we’re using ReflectMultiscatter for the guns and BRDF-based flakes (ReflectGlints) for the bullets where we enabled ‘wave optics’ that brings subtle colorful spectral effects to the material. Being a full BRDF it also means we can break-up our specular highlights without introducing flickering.

Wave interference is the phenomenon that makes scratches patinas and glints rainbow-like colored when we look at metals from a close-up. That’s also what makes metals very hard to be rendered realistically. With Arnold and the power of Rombo we can approach this by just enabling ‘wave optics’ in the material parameters. Still with one click we can switch over glints / flakes / scratches / brushedW / brushedH. Eventually, we can still use all our PBR textures.

Refer to the following pages for more info :

Wave Optics Glints

Multiple Scattering BRDF