Update v1.4

Update v1.4 is fully dedicated to random walk subsurface scattering. We added many new features with an overall speedup and a dedicated workflow for indirect rays. Briefly :  Rayleigh scattering Mie Scattering Similarity theory Albedo remapping Diffuse contrast Indirect sampling Continuation rays Overall speedup Added new demo scenes to test updated features and subsurface scattering.[…]

Improved SSS

We’ve implemented new exciting features for the SSS random walk shaders. In the while there have also been many optimizations on how sampling is used regard direct vs indirect lighting. We’ve discovered that for the majority of cases we don’t need the extra complexity we introduce with guided (Dwivedi) sampling for indirect sampling/lighting, resulting in[…]

Update v1.3

With v1.3 update, we’ve refined rombo reflection shaders : added a new bump mode to romboReflectGeneralized we called ‘Symmetrical’ previous ‘Analitycal’ bump mode has been renamed ‘Tangent’ added a new param ‘Rough IOR’ to romboReflectGeneralized fixed some rare NANs with romboReflect shaders sped up some internal computations Added a new utility node, romboWIFLoader. Added romboTonemapper,[…]

WIF Loader

WIF loader is a companion shader for our romboFabricWoven material. Because sometimes we may want to use external nodes to further model things, we’ve added a romboWIFLoader utility that matches romboFabricWoven patterns for increased flexibility in modeling bumps and displacements for example. It can also be used standalone for pattern modelling and general WIF (Weaving[…]


We implemented various tonemap operators for the shader graph so they can be used for color correction or any other task that involves colors, textures and procedurals where they can be applied selectively to single image textures or a bunch of procedural nodes. They work great with HDR inputs like sunsky and environment maps and[…]

Update v1.2

With v1.2 update, we are introducing a first batch of exciting new utility shaders :  romboTileBlender romboTriplanarMapper romboTextureBlurrer romboThickness All with a single point update ! 😉 These new utilities are under Texture/Utilities folders in your DCC apz of choice. Minor updates for C4D shader structure: romboTransparency is now in the Refract folder (was before in[…]

Update v1.1

With latest v1.1 update, we added : a full new shading node, romboReflectRetro full PBR support to the Glints node custom map support for the Glints node automatic fix for bad inverted normals for SSS-RW a new multiple scattering mode to ReflectMultiScatter a re-work of some internal code to be overally faster a new batch[…]


Retroreflection is an optical phenomenon where light scatters back to its source along the inverted incident direction. Materials with retroreflection properties are used for safety garments to help enhance visibility in low-light conditions like roads at night when illuminated by car headlights. Traffic signs and pavement markings also use materials with such properties to ensure[…]

Rough Diffuse

In our quest for an improved diffuse model we already seen a principled implementation and a super smooth lambertian sphere model. We’ll briefly see here a ‘microfacet’ lambertian model that comes with the DiffuseRough shading node. As before we don’t really need to fully understand all of this but a general understading is still better[…]