SSS Refract

This node basically does multiple scattering refractions. When in the Standard Arnold Material we do engage Scatter in the Transmission rollout we are doing instead single scattering. Multiple scattering is slower but more expressive. We can’t really render a resin statuette like this one below with single scattering. Let’s see its main parameters and how[…]

Walk the Walk

The SSS Random Walk node is a state-of-the-art subsurface scattering shader. We employ a new sampling strategy for random walks that takes all previouses approaches and put them together for a more effective sampling with reduced render times and great solution quality. Compared to the Standard Material Arnold SSS, we’re better than v.1 and faster[…]

Dipole for SSS

The SSS Dipole shader implements all the relevant dipole models for subsurface scattering available in computer graphics.. namely Standard, Better and Directional dipoles. They are of particular interest because they are better (at matching real life reference materials) than diffusion SSS and way faster than raytraced (random walk) SSS. Let’s see its GUI and main[…]