Update v1.1

With latest v1.1 update, we added :

  • a full new shading node, romboReflectRetro
  • full PBR support to the Glints node
  • custom map support for the Glints node
  • automatic fix for bad inverted normals for SSS-RW
  • a new multiple scattering mode to ReflectMultiScatter
  • a re-work of some internal code to be overally faster
  • a new batch of demo scenes (added 3dsmax support)

We dropped Arnold 6 support. We are now compiling rombotools on Linux with an older glibc (2.23) to support Ubuntu16.04 and AWS Linux 2 (ie. for renderfarms). On Windows we re-worked the rombotools folders structure... point C4D to the /deps folder to have rombotools supported (see install eventually). You need at least Arnold core to use this update. 

To download the update, first log-in and then access your download page.
To install it, simply remove previous rtoa folder and replace it with the new one.
Demo scenes are available here upon log-in. Keep scrolling below for an overview. 



is a PBR node to simulate retro-reflections. It works almost fully automatically in the sense that the defaults are already good for a retro-reflection general application. See the dedicated page for more info. 

ReflectRetro documentation


was previously solely a reflect node. We added full PBR support so that it can be used in place of any PBR node where both diffuse and specular lobes are required. Metalness is also fully supported. This allows for powerful materials setups where instead to use old style smooth speculars we can now use glinted speculars as in real world scenarios.

Custom maps support for the Glints node means we can now use (square, any format) maps to drive our speculars. This allows for unprecedented stuff in production renderers like diffractive fingerprints and diffractive 'car swirls'. Any of these can't be really approached with smooth speculars and for example roughness or anisotropic maps to break that smoothness. 

RandomWalk SSS

we now fix automagically your bad inverted object normals to return better appearances without user intervention. This is especially useful for scans where it is a bit prohibitive to find inverted normals among many hundreds of thousands (and counting) of polys. 

A new multi-bounce reflection model 

called 'position-free' multiple scattering has been added to our ever growing shading models collection. Truly unbiased, super realistic and vibrant metals with just default settings. Same PBR parameters. Some little percent slower than the approx version (ie. ReflectGeneralized / STD Material) and faster than previous random walked multiscatter.


Added some nice demo scenes ready to be rendered.

You can see some of them below respectively for Maya, Max, Houdini and C4D.


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