Texture Blurrer

This is an advanced utility able to blur both bitmap textures and whole procedural shading graphs. This is useful for visual stuff where you may want to blur accordling to match some renditions you have in mind and/or to improve antialiasing with procedurals nodes. 

All we have to do is to put it on the right side of what we want to blur, ie. before the rest of the network is evaluated.

We can then choose what kind of blur we want.

For plain textures, select 'Bitmap' in the Sampling Space parameter rollout. If our shading network is instead all done with procedurals we gonna select ' Procedurals'. If both textures and procedurals just take 'Both'.

We can also choose different sampling methods to achive our blur. Respectively below :

  • UniformDisk-Uniform
  • ConcentricDisk-Uniform
  • ConcentricDisk-Gaussian

The number of samples is what will smooth the blur.

The more samples the smoother and the longer the render times. The bitmap on the left has 1 sample and the one on the right has 4 samples taken for a smoother blurring.


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